The Delegates at the Hanseatic Days in Lüneburg

The youthHansa is the youth organization of the HANSE and thus an integral component of the HANSE. Every year Hanseatic cities send young delegates ranging from 16 and 25 years of age to take part in the delegation meetings of the youthHansa and the Hanseatic Days. Our aim is to

  • promote the exchange of views and experiences concerning youth issues
  • develop specific youth projects between the Hanseatic cities
  • promote school partnerships and youth exchanges
  • improve the mutual understanding between young people from the Hanseatic cities
  • bring non-organized young people and youth groups together in order to strengthen the sense of community between the Hanseatic cities and their young inhabitants.

The concept of the youthHansa was introduced for the first time in 1998 when the Hanseatic city of Visby, Sweden invited young delegates to a youth forum. On account of the positive resonance, the HANSE decided to invite the young delegates on a regular basis and this resulted in the founding of the youthHansa. They developed their own statute, which was incorporated into the statute of the HANSE only two years later. Since then, a network of young people developed that makes an essential contribution international understanding within Europe.

youthHansa Commission

youthHansa Commission 2014

The Hanseatic Youth Commission (HYC) comprises five young people who are entitled to vote and who have equal rights and duties. It represents the youthHansa outside of the Hansa Conventions and coordinates the necessary organisational measures. There is no Chairperson, but the members of the Commission determine one (or at most two) Spokesperson(s) who represent the youthHansa at Assembly meetings of the HANSE and at Commission meetings of the HANSE, and on official occasions. Allocation of seats is regulated as follows:

  • The Hanseatic City of Lübeck has a standing seat in the Hanseatic Youth Commission. That symbolises the traditional Presidency of Lübeck in the historic Hanseatic League. The Lübeck delegate is elected for a term of two years, and may be re-elected.
  • The two Hanseatic towns/cities in which the subsequent Hansa Conventions are to be held each have one seat in the Hanseatic Youth Commission. They are likewise elected for a term of two years.
  • The other two seats in the Hanseatic Youth Commission are allocated on proposal from all the youth delegates at a Hansa Convention, by simple majority. They are elected for a term of two years, and may be re-elected.

The last election of the youthHansa Commission took place at the Hanseatic Day 2014 in Lübeck, Germany. Therefore, the elected Delegates are in the youthHansa Commission till the next election, which will be in 2016 at the Hanseatic Day in Bergen, Norway.


The youthHansa is the youth organization of ıDIE HANSE„. Its purpose is the exchange of opinions and experiences concerning young people.

The youthHansa network carries out concrete projects and helps to spread the Hanseatic spirit. A special concern is the improvement of communication among youth from different Hanseatic cities. The youthHansa works towards a better connection between „Die Hanse‰ and the youth of the Hanseatic cities. Projects started by young people shall be supported as much as possible, especially in the field of international activities and co-operation. Youth meetings and school-partnerships will be organized with the help of the youthHansa delegates of the respective citites. The delegates shall use the connections to the other Hanseatic cities to achieve these goals.

youthHansa projects

One of the main purposes of the youthHansa network is to carry out concrete projects. This page shows our current projects and some we did in the past.

Current Projects

Past Projects

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write or call me:

Thore Schomann (Lübeck)
Spokesman of the youthHansa

Rachid Hamdaoui (Neuss)
Spokesman of the youthHansa

Marta Jędrzejewska (Gdańsk)

Hendrik Mellius Mooiweer (Harderwijk)

Janik Houben (Emmerich am Rhein


Or write to the Hanseoffice of the HANSE:

The Mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck
Mayor's Chancellery / Hansa Office
Frau Sophie Bär
D-23552 Lübeck