Bodies of the HANSE network

Bodies of the HANSE

DIE HANSE shall have the following bodies:

The Assembly is the supreme body of the HANSE, and all member cities can send their delegates to it. The Assembly is quorate regardless of the number of towns and cities represented at its meetings. Each town or city has one vote. The resolutions of the Assembly are passed by a majority of members present and eligible to vote. It deliberates on all questions and problems raised by the members of the HANSE.

The powers of the Assembly include in particular:

  • Acceptance of new member towns and cities
  • Exclusion of member towns and cities
  • Amendments to the Statutes, and dissolution of the HANSE
  • Election of the Council at the proposal of the Commission
  • Designation of member towns/cities to hold the Hansa Conventions, at the proposal of the Commission
  • Acceptance of HANSE projects at the proposal of the Commission
  • Control of the Commission and Council
  • Moral and financial support of the Youth Hansa

The Assembly is chaired by the President.