Membership of THE HANSA is open to any town or community that belonged to the historic Hanseatic League or was associated with it, e.g. as a trading post or through regular trade links for a considerable period of time. Historic evidence has to be provided. Applications for membership in THE HANSA should be made in writing through the responsible bodies of the city/town to the HANSA Commission. Decisions on acceptance are taken by the Assembly, following the proposal of the Commission.

What is the benefit?
You become part of an active network or towns and communities that exchange, meet once a year for the Hanseatic Day (a major cultural event with more than 100,000 visitors) and develop projects together.

What does it cost?
There is no formal membership fee. However, in 2018 the assembly of THE HANSA decided to professionalize the network in order to advance the cooperation; the costs are shared among the member cities. The annual contribution depends on the size of the town/community (allocation key of 0.0085 € per inhabitant, minimum contribution 150 €, maximum contribution 2000 €).

If you would like to have your town or community presented on the website you pay an entrance fee of 300€ in the first year and an annual maintenance fee of 50€ in subsequent years.

Read the factsheet "Membership in THE HANSA" for more information on the conditions and benefits of becoming a member.

Further information can be obtained from the HANSA Office. Please send us an e-mail.