Hanse Guild

Logo of the Hanse Guild

The HANSE Guild advises and supports the city group DIE HANSE in its activities and projects, and also initiates its own projects. In general, members of the HANSE Guild are people who have shown particular commitment to the HANSE in the course of their previous professional or honorary activities, and who continue to contribute their experience to the work of the city group as members of the Guild.

The HANSE Guild was set up by a resolution of the Assembly in 2004, and since then it has been a permanent part of the HANSE.

The members of Hanse Guild

Jan Lindenau, Hanseatic City of Lübeck (Chair)
Dr. Wilfried Hornburg, Anklam
Dr. Rainer Zirbeck, Braunschweig
Martin Wehner, Einbeck
Dr. Heinz A. Ebben, Emmerich am Rhein
Herbert Kleipaß, Emmerich am Rhein
Günter Schröer, Hamm
Udo Schulte, Hamm
Dr. Heinz Günther Focken, Lippstadt
Franz-Ulrich Lücke, Lippstadt
Wolfgang Schwade, Lippstadt
Lennart Krüger, Lübeck
Peter Michael Giesen, Neuss
Ulrich Jansen, Neuss
Heinz Runde, Neuss
Dagmar Szabados, Neuss
Jan Bosse, Osnabrück
Felicia Sturm, Bosnabrück
Fabian Sturm, Osnabrück
Ludger Meier, Rheine
Ulrich Damke, Salzwedel
Dr. Jürgen Bohmbach, Stade
Rolf-Peter Zimmer, Stralsund
Hans Klintbom, Visby/Sweden
Jan Larsson, Visby/Sweden
Jan Lundgreen, Visby/Sweden
Ake G. Sjöberg,Visby/Sweden
Lars Danielson, Visby/Sweden
Rolf Becker, Warburg
Wijnand Akkerman, Zwolle/Netherlands

Purpose and aims of the Hanse Guild

The purpose of the HANSE is to contribute to the economic, cultural, social and national unity of Europe, and to enhance the self-awareness of the cities and municipalities, so that they can play their part as a place of living democracy.

  • The HANSE Guild supports the HANSE in fulfilment of its objectives, and has taken on the following tasks:
  • Active support of the HANSE events at regional, inter-regional and international level
  • Conduct of meetings in the form of regional HANSE Conventions, e.g. the Westphalian HANSE Convention, other HANSE events and in particular international HANSE Conventions
  • Supporting and conducting campaigns to promote the concept of the HANSE among the general public
  • Promotion of exchange of culture and traditions, strengthening economic and trading contacts, and enhancing exchange of knowledge, social viewpoints and information
  • Conduct and support of individual HANSE projects.


If you have a question on the HANSE Guild or would like to support our work, please contact us!

Jan Lindenau
Chair of HANSE Guild
Hansering 59w
23558 Lübeck

e-mail: hansegilde@hanse.org

Tel.: +49 (0)451 70 70 784
Fax +49 (0)451 70 70 783