The Council comprises the President, a 1st Vice-President and a 2nd Vice-President. The President bears the title of "Vormann". The Council is elected by the Assembly on recommendation of the Commission. The Council is to have representatives from three European countries. The period of election of the Council is identical to the term of office of the Commission (3 years).

Honorary membership

Award of the Honorary Membership should be a very special honour for outstanding commitment and exceptional services to the HANSE. As early as the 22nd Hansa Convention in Bruges in 2002, the former Mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, Mr. Michael Bouteiller, received this distinction for his special commitment to the HANSE.

The Council has the following tasks:

  • Preparation of the Commission meetings
  • Preparation of the Assembly meetings
  • Agreement on and coordination of the projects of the projects of the HANSE, whereby the Council makes recommendations to the Commission on the individual projects. The final decision on conduct of the projects rests with the Assembly
  • Rapid decisions on urgent projects
  • Emergency decisions

Urgent and emergency decisions are subject to subsequent confirmation by the Commission or the Assembly.



At the 20th Hansa Convention in the Dutch city of Zwolle, the Assembly of delegates adopted its statues with effect from 29 May 2000, establishing a binding framework for cooperation of the member cities of DIE HANSE.

The resolution, with participation of some 90 towns and cities, was unanimous.

The delegates at the 20th Hansa Convention were in agreement - this resolution is a milestone n the development of the HANSE. It marks the end of the informal structure which the Hanseatic League had ever since the Middle Ages.

The members of council

Jan Lindenau

President (Vormann)
Mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck

Inger Harlevi

1st Vice-President
President of the Provincial Council
of the Island of Gotland (Visby)

Bort Koelewijn

Mayor of the City of Kampen

Olga Popova

Deputy Mayor of Veliky Novgorod
Chair of the Сommittee for
Сulture and Youth Policy

Dr. Christof Bartsch

Mayor of the City of Brilon