Famous persons

Here is an overview of important people of the Hanseatic League.

Victual Brothers

End of 14th Century to the middle of the 15th century

The brotherhood of pirates, buccaneers and capers driver

The many pirates and buccaneers who bothered the Hanseatic league can be attributed to the Victual Brothers. The brotherhood, arisen from the blockade runners at the supply of Stockholm during the war between Mecklenburg and Denmark, created a reasonably organized gang of buccaneers. They could be paid to capture by princes. They not only attacked ships, but also the city of Bergen in Norway, temporarily conquering Gotland. Trade in the eastern seas and towards England was thereby made very difficult. The Hanse and the "Teutonic Order" sent a war fleet with 84 ships, 4,000 armed men and 400 horses to Gotland in March and defeated the Victual Brothers.

Some of them escaped towards the North sea, including the famous Klaus Störtebeker, who was finally put up by Helgoland in 1401 by an association of Hamburg ships, and was beheaded on 21.10.1401 with 72 other pirates at the port of Hamburg.