Famous persons

Here is an overview of important people of the Hanseatic League.

Johann Wittenborg from Lübeck

1321 - 1363

From commoner to merchant to mayor to warlord to being sentenced to death. An extraordinary rise and fall of a merchant and mayor is mentioned here by way of example. As a successful merchant with many trade relations throughout the entire trade area, Wittenborg became councilman by 1350 and represented Lübeck at the hanseatic days. He has been mayor since 1359 and was supposed to lead the hanseatic fleet during the war against King Waldemar IV of Denmark. The siege of Helsingborg failed and Wittenborg returned by 1362 with great losses (12 cogs have been lost to the Danish among other things). Wittenborg was deposed from his offices and sentenced to death in 1363 at the Hanseatic days in Stralsund, which was publicly executed at the Lübeck market in September 1363.

A good merchant is by no means a good warlord.