Famous persons

Here is an overview of important people of the Hanseatic League.

Henry the Lion

1129 - 1195

Henry the Lion was one of the most influential rulers of its time during his regency as duke of Saxony and Bavaria. He was indirectly involved in the development of the Hanse. With the founding of Lübeck in 1143 by the Holstein Count Adolf II, the meaning of Bardowick has lost it's importance, especially for the at that time precious salt from Lüneburg.

Henry the Lion fought against Lübeck for the time being, until successful peace negotiations secured Lübeck's economic rise. Lübeck was heavily destroyed by the fire in 1158 / 1159 and was rebuilt under Henry's township. Through various privileges and freedom of customs, Lübeck's upswing began as the center of the Hanse.