Famous persons

Here is an overview of important people of the Hanseatic League.

Heinrich Sudermann / First Counsel (representative counsel, general secretary) of the Hanse

1520 - 1591

The offspring of a Cologne patrician family has been appointed to executive official in 1556. This lawyer who studied in Cologne, Orléans and Bologna was the first Hanse-Counsel. His experience in the political-diplomatical field, which he earned as a representative of the hanseatic city of Cologne on many day trips between 1553 and 1556, were the foundation für his employment. During his 35 years of office, Sudermann constantly tried to resolve trade disputes with England, stop the decline of stores and to revive the succinct character of the Hanse.

Heinrich Sudermann died on his 71st birthday 1591 in Lübeck. His accomplishments and the preservation of the Hanse have never financially rewarded him. In the end, the Hanse owes him more than 20.000 Thaler (coins).

He was buried in the Minorite Church in Cologne. Since 1994, a figure at Cologne's Ratshausturm commemorates him.