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In the mid-thirteenth century, North German seafaring merchants joined together to form the Hanseatic League as a way to pursue their shared economic interests. Throughout the North Sea and Baltic Sea region, up to 200 towns and cities were members of the League, as were several large trading houses. For over 400 years, the Hanseatic League played a major role in shaping economies, trade and politics before losing its significance in the mid-seventeenth century.

Today, the Hanseatic League has been brought back to life. The “new” Hanseatic League was revived in 1980 in Zwolle, and set itself the task of keeping alive the spirit of the League as a social and cultural alliance. By cultivating traditions and encouraging a vibrant exchange between its members, the Hanseatic League aims to bring about closer economic, cultural, social and national ties across Europe.

I invite you most cordially use this website to get information on the creation, the objectives and the projects of the HANSE.


Bernd Saxe

President of the Hanseatic League

Massmedia Competition "The Hanse: Compund of the Times"

Massmedia Competition

The International mass media competition "The Hanse: Compound of the times" has now been awarded for the third time in Pskov. Like every year, the award ceremony was celebrated in a solemn atmosphere during the town festival in Pskov; there were special prizes, certificates and presentation packages awarded. The ceremony was accompanied by video and audio fragments from the works of the...

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The International Hansetic Convention 2015

Fond memories from the beautiful and welcoming Viljandi

The International Hansetic Convention 2015

On 4. – 7. June 2015 a small South-Estonian town hosted the 35th International Hanseatic Days. The event will be remembered for its coziness and a feeling of unity.

Having a population of just over 18 000, hosting the international hanseatic days was a major challenge for the community. It was therefore all the more exciting to see that the town had really pulled together and a large...

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