Explore the Hanseatic city Lemgo
Hanseatic city Lemgo

The historical hanseatic town of Lemgo rests in an attractive landscape, surrounded by wooded countryside, between the Teutoburger Forest and the hills of the Weser-Wiehen, in the heart of the county of Lippe. Lemgo is one of the most beautiful towns in the region, so pleasing the numerous visitors, that they don’t just stay for the day but fall for the invitation to linger.

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Due to the activities of the Hanseatic League, the town was soon influenced by international activity and wealth. Witnesses to those times are the 250 buildings, within the town wall which are listed and protected and form part of the restored town centre. This interesting mixture of historical buildings and modern architecture, small town charm and the warmth of the inhabitants, has made Lemgo well known and well loved. The Town Hall and the Witches-Mayor’s House are particularly impressive examples of the Weser-Renaissance . The latter is now the Town History Museum, and Brake Castle houses the Weser-Renaissance collection.

In recent times, Lemgo has enjoyed a pleasing economic revival. Lemgo firms are, for example, international market leaders in dental and lighting technology and metallurgy. In addition to a broad based school system, the town also hosts the Lippe Technical College, with its variety of business, science and technology courses.

Our most successful national champions are the TBV Handball Team. But they are not the only ones to benefit from our excellent sporting facilities.. The town is renown for the multifaceted sports on offer. Our high-profile successes include tennis, canoeing, trick cycling, baseball and triathlon.

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Alte Hansestadt Lemgo 
Der Bürgermeister 
Marktplatz 1 
32657 Lemgo
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