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Buxtehude is known as the town where the dogs bark with their tails and where the hare and the hedgehog race against each other. Yet, he who believes that Buxtehude is only a fairy-tale place is making a big mistake. The town has been a reality for more than a 1000 years. It all began with the rural settlement of Buxtehude, whose first historical references date back to 959 AD Archbishop Giselbert of Bremen founded the town of Buxtehude in 1285 A.D. Lying one and a half kilometres north of the original settlement in Moorstreifen between moor and march , it was the first German town to be developed in a structured way around a harbour basin.

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It was, therefore, the most modern harbour of its time in Germany. Within the confines of Hanseatic waterways it provided for a convenient crossing of the Elbe and developed into a lively Hanseatic town.

40.100 people live today in the central area of Buxtehude, before the gates of Hamburg and on the outskirts of Altes Land with its beautiful, blossoming fruit trees. The historical old-town centre with its pedestrian shoppping zone, canal facility, moat, Marschtor military lookout post and beautiful town houses is a special attraction for visitors from far and near. The St. Petri Church is the most important old-style building; a three-storey, gothic, redbrick basilica built around 1300 A.D.

Street festivals are held often and celebrated with great enthusiasm in these charming surroundings. The “Old-Town Festival”, the “Wine Festival” and the “Christmas Market” consistently fill the streets and alleyways with merry-makers. Cultural life is indeed very much alive in Buxtehude. The “Buxtehuder Bulle”; one of the most respected literature awards for young people and the Buxtehude museum for regional history and art provide strong evidence of this.

Buxtehude has also much to offer from an economic point of view due to its good mix of in-dustry and commerce. Internationally known names such as Airbus Germany Ltd Buxtehude plant, Bacardi, Claudius Peters Technologies Ltd, Malteser Kreuz Aquavit, NSB Niederelbe Shipping Company, National Rejectors, Pioneer Hi-Bred and Unilever Germany Ltd are clear evidence of this. All in all well over15,000 people earn their living in Buxtehude.

The University of Applied Science 21 specialising in Building Construction and Maintenance, Facility Management, Physiotherapy and from autumn 2009 Mechantronics, along with a Technology Centre which supports young entrepreneurs with start-ups, plus highly attractive nearby industrial estates are all amenities which greatly enhance Buxtehude as a business location.

High performing department stores situated in the old town centre have made Buxtehude a popular destination for shoppers and tourists in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

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