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Clever, if you're already there or as the town's charming German dialect has it, “Ick bün aldor!” That's what the hedgehog called to the hare in the fairy tale told by Wilhelm Schröder about a race between the two. Buxtehude – famous as a Hanseatic town and place of fairy tales – is located in the ’Alte Land (Old Country) on the banks of the River Elbe’ – a region where many come to spend their holidays. And so we are inviting you to take time out on a relaxing holiday here or travel to the region for varied breaks and fun excursions. Discover our historic old town with half-timbered houses, visit the St.-Petri Church built during the age of the Hanseatic League and take a stroll through narrow alleyways along the romantic Fleth Harbour, which is home to the flat-bottomed freigh-ter, the Ewer Margareta.

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Living, shopping, enjoying
The flair of a small north German town that is able to look back on 1000 years of history is not only charming to visitors, it also puts a spell on people already living here. Borde-ring the Alte Land, Buxtehude is located right in the middle of a landscape that is surrounded by marshland, moorland, moraines and the River Este's floodplain. The town centre with its sectioned building facades constitutes a beautiful backdrop to urban living, extensive shopping fun and great dining experiences. A family-friendly infrastructure with a very good and diverse range of education opportunities, attractive venues for sports and culture and lots of nature that has been opened up with bicycle and hiking routes as well as the exclusive proximity to Hamburg connected by a direct urban-railway link all combine to create the highest quality of life – not only for families. The charm of the old Hanseatic and fairy tale town has been preserved and can be felt everywhere.

Children, sports and more
‘Freizeithaus’ (recreational building), ‘Stieglitzhaus’ (administration and education buil-ding), ‘Fabiz’ (Family Education Centre), art school and town library are places where young and old may meet and learn. The ‘KinderKUNSTfest’ in summer offers a wealth of music, theatre, sports and dance. Diverse leisure and sports activities are also available to families with children, swimmers, clubs and people who enjoy sports at the ‘Heidebad’ open-air swimming pool and ‘Aquarella’ indoor swimming pool. The women handball players of BSV Buxtehude compete in the national league and the capacity crowds are always guaranteed top-level sports in a great atmosphere at their matches. The ‘Estering Buxtehude’ is a licensed race track for rallycross motor sports where international events are held. Grassroots sports are very important to Buxtehude and many clubs offer a broad range of activities – from A for aerobics to Z for Zendokarate – while the annual ‘Altstadtlauf ’ has become a sporting highlight that everyone in the town looks forward to.

Old town and attractions
Maritime flair may be encountered throughout the historic old town that is home to many timber-framed houses. At its heart is the Fleth, the former harbour in the centre of the town, which is Buxtehude's most important historic monument and which has beco-me a place for encounters. Another highlight from the past may be found not too far a-way: St.-Petri Church, an impressive Gothic brickbuilt basilica that is always worth a visit. Town tours are an attractive way of getting to know the sights of the town. The pic-turesque River Este may be experienced by barge or raft from the harbour. The surrounding areas also reveal a wealth of natural sights to hikers and cyclists. Between watching the ships go by on the River Elbe and stopping off on the banks of the River Este, the Hare and Hedgehog cycle route and walks that start almost from the old town itself are a great way for visitors to begin exploring the rich and varied landscape.

Culture and more with hare and hedgehog
That there is more to Buxtehude than folksy fairy tales about a race between a hare and a hedgehog that have come down to us from the past is demonstrated by several small charming cultural venues that the former Hanseatic town is home to. These are meeting places and see themselves and their stages on which selected programmes are presented as points of contact where art meets life. Theatres, concerts and variety along with their cultural delights are just as much a part of Buxtehude's diversity as are the musical high-lights that may be enjoyed at the ‘international music festival’. The awarding of the ac-claimed ‘Buxtehude Bulle’ youth book award also represents one of the annual highlights of the region's literary scene.

Important economic region
Buxtehude can also be proud of its economy. Beach chairs, spirits, cement mixers, clothing, endoprosthetics, synthetic resin, whirlpools, raw food, ships, books, plastics, mechanical engineering and aircraft technology. This is where it all comes from. And that's not all. It's not only the hare and hedgehog that find each other in Buxtehude. Innovations meet traditions. Hanseatic merchants and global businesses meet visitors from across the world. And ideas meet opportunities. Joint ventures between medium-sized businesses are the rule here – not the exception. With a strategically ideal location in the Hamburg metropolitan area, Buxtehude offers companies commercial space for settlement and growth. Around 1000 students benefit from dual-strand education in the fields of healthcare, technology and construction at the hochschule 21. The graduates are highly prized as executives as a result of the practical experience that they gain in this way. And an asset to your business.

It's also a great place to spend time and go shopping. Whereby shopping is not just shop-ping. It’s also shopping, seeing and being seen and enjoying. In the picturesque old town, at the weekly market, in our fair-trade Hanseatic city along the German Fairytale Route.  

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Hansestadt Buxtehude

„Ick bün al hier!" (I'm already here!)


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