During the delegation meeting of the International Hanseatic Days in Osnabrück in 2006, Marion Streitner (Doesburg, Netherlands) forwarded a far-reaching proposition: she requested the participation of the visual arts to be a constant part of planning the programme for all following festivals. The request was accepted unanimously.

This was the beginning of a successful and outstanding Hanseatic network: Lippstadt, being the next town to host the International Hanseatic days in 2007, had already developed a concept to carry out the idea of HANSEartWORKS (which was then called the HANSE Art-project).

The dedication of Mrs. Streitner and the decision of the delegates led to the implementation of the project not only in Lippstadt but also in Salzwedel, Nowgorod and Pärnu.

It is thanks to Marion Steitner that Jan Hoet became our adviser: Dr. Jan Hoet was director of S.M.A.K. (Municipal Museum for Contemporary Art - Städtisches Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst) in Gent and founding director of the MARTa Museum in the Hanseatic town of Herford (Germany.)

Since 2007 there has been a highly motivated project group called the "HANSEart". Alfred Wübbena (Osnabrück), Hans Molzberger (Salzwedel) and Carmen Harms (Lippstadt) are supervising the projects and will continue to be involved in all following HANSEartWORKS projects.

HANSEartWORKS 2017 in Kampen

The Hanseatic City of Kampen is due to host the 37th International Hanseatic Days from 15 to 18 June 2017. For the eleventh time, an exhibition of contemporary art will be set up in the city centre as a highlight of the scheduled programme.  The following 20 artists from 20 cities in 8 countries were selected by a jury to present their works in the center of the city on the theme of "The World of Contrasts" during the International Hanseatic Days:

Anne Deifuβ - Unna (DE)
Brynhild Winther – Bergen (NO)
Erik Alalooga – Viljandi (EE)
Eva Preckwinkel – Osnabrück  (DE)
Gregor Hinz – Rostock (DE)
Jacub Najbart – Krakow (PL)
Jacub Stojałowski – Gdansk (PL)
Laura van Eik – Doesburg (NL)
Leonardo and Eveli – Parnu (EE)
Matiass Jansons – Cesis (LV)
Oliver Petschauer – Greifswald (DE)
Rene van der Weerd – Kampen (NL)
Telma Lannoo – Brugge (BE)
Thomas Werner – Buxtehude (DE)
Torbjörn Limé – Visby (SE)
Ute Lübbe – Lübeck (DE)
Fred Calmets – LaRochelle (FR)
Karin Geiger – Neuss (DE)
Knut Kargel – Soest (DE)
Karin Ter Waarbeek – Deventer (NL)

Alfred Wübbena (Osnabrück)
HANSEartWORKS project group

Alfred Wübbena
Email: hanseos2016@gmail.com


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