International Day of the Hanse

A day of celebration for all hanseatic towns and cities

It is important that all member towns and cities maintain, or perhaps rediscover, their self-awareness as part of the HANSE. To this end the HANSE has established an International HANSE Day. One day is set aside every year on which each Hanseatic town or city celebrates their membership and that of every other member too.

Exhibitions, city tours, concerts and a range of other activities relating to the theme of trade are designed to recall the spirit of the Hanseatic League - so that people can not only remember the Hanseatic history of their town or city, but also develop a feeling for what it means to live in a trading city that is, even today, part of a European network.

The day is always the third Saturday in May, but the cities have a certain felxibility here. This day is a permanent event for the marketing of each member city and the common goal is to increase the number of participating cities.

Impressionen to the past days of the Hanseatic League